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​Elberton, Bristol & Caldicot, MOnmouthshire

We offer a range of pipe work solutions from traditional galvanised systems to  lightweight high flow aluminium systems .

Run out of space?

We can offer a bespoke building to house any size air compressor and ancillaries.

These made to measure buildings have galvanised box steel frames and high quality cladding that can be matched to your existing buildings.

As these units are purpose built, all the ventilation requirements can be installed prior to delivery.

Building construction is included.

Registered office:  T.S.B Engineering, 71 Bath road, Bitton, Bristol, BS306HX

company number: 07309981

Our team of  experienced pipework engineers will install a bespoke compressed air network to meet any application requirements, be it a traditional galvanized system or a modern high efficiency Airnet installation.

Airnet is a compressed air piping system that delivers quality air exactly where you need it, from compressor to point of use.
This High quality energy efficient system saves time and money on installation costs and is simple to install.